The RAW Art Workshop Timetable

2018 - 2019 Summer Holiday Program

Dates:    10th-14th Dec 2018   |   17th - 21st Dec 2018 |   2nd Jan - 4th JAn 2019   |  7th -11th Jan 2019   |   14th-18th Jan 2019  |  21st-25th Jan 2019

The RAW Art Workshop will be hosting a series of awesome fun hands-on workshops for Primary age kids this summer break. Check out our extensive program below. 

Sessions will run for 75 minutes, cost varies with each age group. All materials provided (please note Tie- Dye and Screenprinting sessions children will need to bring a light coloured t-shirt or pillowcase (100% cotton for tie-dye).

Pricing per head per session:

Single Sessions:
5 to 12 years - $20 

Art Days (enjoy 3 activities with lunch included):
7-9 years/ 10 to 12 years - $60 

Double Art Days (enjoy 2 activities with snacks included): 

7-9 years/ 10 to 12 years - $40

Each lesson children will complete a project, gain some skills, and will have some fun. 

Look forward to meeting you at The RAW Art Workshop – Cnr Skinner and Montague Roads West End



Week 1 - 10th-14th December 2018

Mon 10 Dec9.00-10.15amScreenprinting Basics ( All Ages 5yrs +) *BYO t-shirtAll Ages (5yrs +)
MOn 10 Dec10.45 - 1.45pmDOUBLE ART - Picasso Heads + Clay Lizards7-9yrs
Mon 10 Dec10.45 - 12.00amPicasso Heads7-9 yrs
Mon 10 Dec12.30-1.45pmClay Lizards7-9yrs
Tues 11 Dec9.00-10.15am3D Clay Sculpture
All Ages ( 5yrs +)
Tues 11 Dec10.45 - 1.45pmDOUBLE ART - Clay Cactus + Aussie Bird Prints10-12yrs
Tues 11 Dec10.45 - 12.00pmClay Cactus
Tues 11 Dec12.30 - 1.45pmAussie Bird Prints10-12yrs
Wed 12 Dec9.00-10.15am

Tie Dye - BYO T-shirt 100% cotton

All Ages (5yrs +)
Wed 12 DEc10.45 - 1.145pmDOUBLE ART - Icecream Prints + Chemogram Creative Faces7-9ys
Wed 12 Dec10.45 - 12.00pmIcecream Prints7 to 9 yrs
Wed 12 Dec12.30-1.45pm Chemogram Creative FAces7-9yrs
Thu 13 Dec9.00-10.15amPrint Block Fun
All Ages ( 5 yrs +)
Thu 13 Dec10.45- 12.00pmClay Dog Sculpture
Thu 13 Dec 12.30-1.45pm Keith HAring Pop Tiles 10-12yrs
Fri 14 Dec9.00-10.15amUnicorn Prints5-6yrs
 Fri 14 Dec 10.45-12.00 Clay Dragons 5-6yrs
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Week 2 - 17th-21st December 2018 - Christmas Craft Week


Mon 17 Dec **9.00-10.00Clay Snowman3-4yrs
Mon 17 Dec  9.00-10.15amMandalas  All Ages
Mon 17 Dec 9.00-10.15am  Abstract Designs 7-9yrs
Mon 17 Dec  9.00-1.45pm ART DAY - Abstract Designs + Christmas Tree Wallhanging + Animal Clay Tiles7-9yrs
Mon 17 Dec 10.45 - 12.00pmRubber Stamp Christmas CArds10-12yrs 
Mon 17 Dec  10.45 - 12.00pmChristmas Tree Wallhangings 7-9yrs
Mon 17 Dec  10.45 - 12.00 Snowman Prints 5-6yrs
Mon 17 Dec  10.45 - 1.45pm DOUBLE ART - Rubber Stamp Christmas Cards 10-12yrs
Mon 17 Dec 12.30 - 1.45pmPop Pine Cones10-12yrs
Mon 17 Dec  12.30 - 1.45pmAnimal Clay Tiles 7-9yrs
Tue 18 Dec9.00-10.15am Dashing Dachshunds 10-12yrs
Tue 18 Dec 9.00-10.15am Christmas WreathsAll Ages
Tue 18 Dec 9.00-10.15am Boat Art 5-6yrs
Tue 18 Dec 9.00-1.45pm ART DAY - Dashing Dachshunds + Matchbox Art + Plaster MOuld Chrissie decorations10-12yrs 
Tue 18 Dec10.45 - 12.00Christmas Beetle Designs7-9yrs
Tue 18 Dec 10.45 - 12.00Matchbox Art 10-12yrs
Tue 18 Dec 10.45 - 12.00 Clay Reindeers 5-6yrs
Tue 18 Dec 10.45 - 1.45pm DOUBLE ART - Christmas Beetle Desings + Funky Fruit Prints 7-9yrs
 Tue 18 Dec  12.30-1.45pm Plaster Mould- Chrissie DEcorations 10-12yrs
Tue 18 Dec12.30-1.45Funky Fruit Prints7-9 yrs
Wed 19 Dec9.00-10.15amLittle Christmas Wonderland - ALL AGESALL AGES
Wed 19 Dec 9.00-10.15amShrinky Chrissie Art 7-9yrs
Wed 19 Dec 9.00-10.15am Clay Koalas 5-6yrs
Wed 19 Dec 9.00-1.45 ART DAY - Shrinky Chrissie Art, Hand Printblocks, Clay Reindeers 7-9yrs
Wed 19 Dec10.45-12.00amRainbow MObiles5-6 yrs
Wed 19 Dec 10.45-12.00amHand Printblocks 7-9yrs
Wed 19 Dec10.45 - 12.00Christmas Dream Web10-12 yrs
Wed 19 Dec 10.45 - 1.45pm DOUBLE ART - Christmas Dream Webs + JApanese Landscapes10-12yrs 
Wed 19 Dec 12.30-1.45pmClay Reindeers 7-9yrs
Wed 19 Dec12.30-1.45pmJapanese Landscapes10-12yrs
Thu 20 Dec9.00-10.15amBox Card Dinosaurs5-6yrs
Thu 20 Dec9.00-10.15amLayered Textile Design10-12 yrs
Thu 20 Dec **9.00-10.00am Little Chrissie Banners 3-4yrs
Thu 20 Dec9.00-1.45pmWORKSHOP ART DAY - enjoy 3 x activities
Layered Textiles Design, Shrinky Chrissie Art, Hand Clay Designs
Thu 20 Dec 10.45 - 12.00 Rubber Stamp Chrissie CArds 7-9yrs
Thu 20 Dec 10.45 - 12.00Shrinky Chrissie Art 10-12yrs
Thu 20 Dec10.45 - 12.00  Big Baubles (printing) 5-6yrs
 Thu 20 Dec 12.30-1.45pm Clay Chrissie Wallhanging 7-9yrs
Thu 20 Dec12.30-1.45pmClay HAnd Tiles10-12yrs
Thu 20 Dec 10.45 - 1.45pm

 DOUBLE ART - enjoy 2 x activites

Rubber Stamp Chrissie Cards/ Clay Chrissie Wallhanging

Fri 21 Dec9.00-10.15amClay Rainbow Sculpture5 to 6 yrs
Fri 21 Dec9.00-12.00 DOUBLE ART - Upcycle Dream Webs + Polymer Clay Chrissie DEcorations 7-9yrs
Fri 21 Dec 9.00-10.15am Crayon Resist Designs 5-6yrs
Fri 21 Dec10.45am - 12.00Frogs and Toads ( Clay)5-6 yrs
 Fri 21 Dec 10.45 - 12.00 Polymer Clay Chrissie Decorations 7-9yrs
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Week 3 - 2nd Jan - 4th Jan 2019

Wed 2nd JAn9.00-10.15amString Letters7-9yrs
Wed 2nd JAn9.00-10.15amWonderful WeavingsAll Ages ( 5yrs +)
Wed 2nd JAn9.00-10.45amPAddle Pop Pattern Banners5-6yrs
Wed 2nd JAn 9.00- 1.45pm ART DAY - String Letters/ Sharpie Mandalas/ Clay Phone Sculpture 7-9yrs
Wed 2nd JAn 10.45 - 12.00 Beautiful Bugs 5-6yrs
Wed 2nd JAn 10.45 - 12.00 Floral Wreath Designs 10-12yrs
 Wed 2nd JAn 10.45 - 12.00 Sharpie Mandalas 7-9yrs
Wed 2nd JAn 10.45 - 1.45pm DOUBLE ART _ enjoy 2 x activities - Floral Wreath Designs/ Nature Reduction Prints 10-12yrs
Wed 2nd JAn 12.30-1.45 Clay Phone Sculptures 7-9yrs
Wed 2nd JAn 12.30-1.45 Nature Reduction Prints 10-12yrs
Thurs 3rd Jan**9.00-10.00amUpcycle Dream Webs3-4 yrs
Thurs 3rd Jan 9.00-10.15am Mix Media Whales5-6yrs
Thurs 3rd Jan 9.00-10.15am Silhouettes 10-12yrs
Thurs 3rd Jan 9.00-1.45pm ART DAY - Silhouettes/ String Block Prints/ Clay Phone Sculptures 10-12yrs
Thurs 3rd Jan10.45 - 12.00Sharpie Soft Sculpture7-9 yrs
Thurs 3rd Jan 10.45 - 12.00 String Block Prints 10-12yrs
Thurs 3rd Jan 10.45 - 12.00Foxy Faces 5-6yrs
Thurs 3rd Jan10.45-1.45pmDOUBLE ART- Sharpie Soft Sculpture/ Picasso Heads7-9yrs
Thurs 3rd Jan 12.30-1.45pm Clay Phone Sculpture 10-12yrs
 Thurs 3rd Jan 12.30-1.45pm Picasso Heads 7-9yrs
Fri 4th Jan9.00-10.15amBoom BOx7-9yrs
Fri 4th Jan 9.00-10.15am Simple Screenprints 5-6yrs
Fri 4th Jan10.45 - 12.00amSpray Paint Designs7-9yrs
Fri 4th Jan10.45 - 12.00am Costume Art 5-6yrs
Fri 4th Jan 9.00-12.00 DOUBLE ART - Boom Box + Spray Paint Fun 7-9yrs
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Week 4 - 7th-11th January 2019

Mon 7th Jan9.00-10.15am Exploring Print Blocks7-9yrs
Mon 7th Jan9.00-10.15am Wearable ArtAll Ages ( 5yrs +)
Mon 7th Jan **9.00-10.00am Clay Cup Cakes 3-4yrs
Mon 7th Jan 9.00-1.45pm Art Day - enjoy 3 x activities - Exploring Print Blocks/Scribble Cat Sculptures/ Keith HAring Pop Tiles. 7-9yrs
Mon 7th Jan 10.45 - 12.00Swishy Fish 5-6yrs
Mon 7th Jan 10.45 - 12.00Scribble Cat Sculptures 7-9yrs
Mon 7th Jan10.45 - 12.00Exploring Print Blocks10 to 12 yrs 
Mon 7th Jan10.45 - 1.45  DOUBLE ART - EXploring Print Blocks + Spray PAint Stencils 10-12yrs
Mon 7th Jan12.30-1.45pm Spray Paint Stencils 10-12yrs
Mon 7th Jan 12.30-1.45pm   Keith HAring Pop Tile 7-9yrs
Tues 8th JAn9.00-10.15am Upcycle Planters All Ages ( 5yrs +)
Tues 8th JAn9.00-10.15am Soft Felty Fruits10-12 yrs  
Tues 8th JAn 9.00-10.15am Paddlle Pop Pattern BAnners 5-6yrs
Tues 8th JAn 9.00-1.45pm Art Day - enjoy 3 x activities - Soft Felty Fruits/ Found Object Initials/ Posca Poster Designs 10-12yrs
 Tues 8th JAn 10.45 - 12.00Found Object Initials 10-12yrs
Tues 8th JAn 10.45 - 12.00Hispanic Molas7 to 9 yrs  
Tues 8th JAn 10.45 - 12.00 Mad Monsters 5-6yrs
Tues 8th JAn 10.45 - 1.45pm DOUBLE ART _ enjoy 2 x activities - Hispanic Molas/ Icecream Collagraphs 7-9yrs
 Tues 8th JAn 12.30-1.45pmPosca Poster Designs 10-12yrs
Tues 8th JAn12.30-1.45pmIcecream Collagraphs7-9yrs
Wed 9th Jan9.00-10.15am  Mix Media MArsupials5-6 yrs   
Wed 9th Jan9.00-10.15am 3D Clay SculptureAll Ages ( 5yrs +)   
Wed 9th Jan 9.00-10.15am Donut Sculpture 7-9yrs
Wed 9th Jan 9.00-1.45pm Clay Lovers ART DAY - clay Donuts/ Slab Faces/ 3D Dragons 7-9yrs
Wed 9th Jan 10.45 - 12.00amtie Dye (BYO 100% cotton white T-shirt) 10-12yrs
Wed 9th Jan  10.45 - 12.00amSlab Faces7-9yrs
Wed 9th Jan 10.45 - 12.00 clay Lizards 5-6yrs
 Wed 9th Jan 10.45 - 1.45pmDOUBLE ART - 2 x activities - Tie Dye + Canvas Art (Bird Portraits) 10-12yrs
Wed 9th Jan12.30-1.45pmCanvas Art ( Bird Portraits)10-12yrs
Wed 9th Jan12.30-1.45pm 3D Dragon Sculpture 7-9yrs
Thurs 10th JAn9.00-10.15amExploring Pinch Pots10-12 yrs   
Thurs 10th JAn9.00-10.15amRobot Prints5-6 yrs 
Thurs 10th JAn **9.00-10.00am Dinosaur Collage 3-4yrs
 Thurs 10th JAn 9.00-1.145pm Clay Lovers ART DAY - Pinch Pots/ Slabs and Coils. 10-12yrs
 Thurs 10th JAn 10.45 - 12.00 Exploring Clay Slabs 10-12yrs
 Thurs 10th JAn 10.45 - 12.00 Graffiti Spray Stencils 7-9yrs
 Thurs 10th JAn 10.45 - 12.00 Printed Castles 5-6yrs
Thurs 10th JAn 10.45 - 1.45pm DOUBLE ART - GRaffiti Spray Stencils/ Shaun Tan Clay Critters 7-9 yrs
 Thurs 10th JAn 12.30-1.45pm Exploring Coils ( Clay)10-12yrs 
 Thurs 10th JAn 12.30-1.45pm Shaun Tan Clay Critters 7-9yrs
Fri 11th Jan 9.00-10.15am Tie Dye (BYO 100% cotton Tshirt) 7-9yrs
Fri 11th Jan 9.00-10.15am Love Bugs 5-6yrs
 Fri 11th Jan 9.00-12.00 DOUBLE ART - Tie Dye + Clay Pet Portraits 7-9yrs
 Fri 11th Jan 10.45 - 12.00 Clay Pet Portraits 7-9yrs
Fri 11th Jan10.45 - 12.00Sculpting Bits n Pieces5-6yrs
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Week 5 - 14th to 18th January 2019

Mon 14th Jan9.00-10.15am Clay UNicornsALL AGES
Mon 14th Jan 9.00-10.15am Monochrome Landscapes 7-9yrs
Mon 14th Jan  **9.00-10.00am Giant Icecreams 3-4yrs
Mon 14th Jan 9.00-1.45pm ART DAY - Mono Landscapes/ Felt Faces/ Spray Paint Still Life 7-9yrs
Mon 14th Jan 10.45 - 12.00 macrame 10-12yrs
Mon 14th Jan 10.45 - 12.00 Charcoal Portraits 5-6yrs
Mon 14th Jan 10.45 - 12.00 Felt Faces 7-9yrs
Mon 14th Jan 10.45 -12.00 DOUBLE ART - enjoy 2 x activities - Macrame/ Relief Graffiti Designs10-12yrs
 Mon 14th Jan12.30-1.45pmSpray Paint Still Life 7-9yrs
Mon 14th Jan12.30-1.45 Relief Graffiti Designs10-12 yrs  
Tues 15th Jan9.00-10.15am Charcoal Bird Sculptures5-6yrs
Tues 15th Jan 9.00-10.15am Name Bunting All Ages (5yrs +)
Tues 15th Jan 9.00-10.15am Cartooning 10-12yrs
Tues 15th Jan9.00-1.45pmWORKSHOP ART DAY  - enjoy 3 x activities - Cartooning/ Moth Designs/ Spray PAint Still Life10-12yrs 
Tues 15th Jan10.45 - 12.00 Clay Unicorns5 to 6 yrs   
Tues 15th Jan 10.45 - 12.00 Felt Moths 7-9yrs
 Tues 15th Jan 10.45 - 12.00 Moth Designs 10-12yrs
Tues 15th Jan 10.45 - 1.45pm DOUBLE ART - enjoy 2 x activities - Felt Moths/ City Sculpture 7-9yrs
 Tues 15th Jan 12.30-1.45pm City Sculpture 7-9yrs
  Tues 15th Jan 12.30-1.45pm Spray Paint Still Life 10-12yrs
Wed 16th JAn9.00-10.15am Clay MOnsters5 to 6 yrs 
Wed 16th JAn 9.00-10.15amTie Dye (BYO 100% Cotton Tshirt) All Ages ( 5yrs +)
 Wed 16th JAn 9.00-10.15am Cartooning 7-9yrs
Wed 16th JAn 9.00-1.45pm ART DAY - Cartooning/Chemogram Wreath Desings/ Abstract Clay Tile 7-9yrs
Wed 16th JAn10.45-12.00 Chemogram Wreath Designs7 to 9 yrs  
Wed 16th JAn10.45 - 12.00 Cactus Collage5-6yrs  
Wed 16th JAn10.45 - 12.00 Styalised Still Life Designs10 to 12 yrs 
Wed 16th JAn 10.45 - 1.45pm DOUBLE ART - Styalised Still Life Designs/ Clay Moth Sculpture 10-12yrs
Wed 16th JAn 12.30-1.45 Abstract Clay Tile7-9yrs
 Wed 16th JAn 12.30-1.45 Clay Moth Sculptures 10-12yrs
Thurs 17th Jan9.00-10.15am Wire Sculpture10-12yrs
Thurs 17th Jan**9.00-10.00am  Summer Landscapes3-4yrs
Thurs 17th Jan9.00-10.15am Printed Miro Banner5-6yrs
Thurs 17th Jan 9.00-1.45pm ART DAY - Wire Sculpture/ Rubber Stamps/ Miro Clay Tiles 10-12yrs
Thurs 17th Jan10.45-12.00 Rubber Stamps 10-12yrs
 Thurs 17th Jan 10.45-12.00 King and Queens 7-9yrs
Thurs 17th Jan10.45-12.00 Clay Cupcakes5 to 6 yrs  
Thurs 17th Jan9.00-1.45DOUBLE ART - enjoy 2 x art activities - KIngs and Queens/ Clay Moths7-9 yrs  
Thurs 17th Jan 12.30 - 1.45Clay Miro Tiles 10-12yrs
Thurs 17th Jan 12.30-1.45 Clay Moth Sculptures 7-9yrs
Fri 18th Jan9-10.15am Tie Dye Banners5 to 6 yrs  
Fri 18th Jan9.00-10.15am Clay Monsters 7-9yrs
Fri 18th Jan 9.00-12.00 DOUBLE ART - Clay MOnsters + Totem Print People 7-9yrs
 Fri 18th Jan10.45 - 12.00 Totem Print People 7-9yrs
 Fri 18th Jan 10.45-12.00 Scratchy Cats 5-6yrs
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Week 6 - 21st-25th January 2019  

Mon 21st Jan9.00-10.15am Soft Sculpture Monsters7-9 yrs   
Mon 21st Jan**9.00-10.00am Clay Cats and Dogs 3-4yrs
 Mon 21st Jan 9.00-10.15am Portraits ALL AGES
Mon 21st Jan 9.00-1.45pm ART DAY - enjoy 3 x activities - Soft Sculpture Monsters/ Op Art Prints/ LAndscape Tiles7-9yrs 
Mon 21st Jan10.45am - 12.00am  Drawing Aussie Birds5 to 6 yrs   
Mon 21st Jan 10.45am - 12.00am Lace Dream Webs 10-12yrs
Mon 21st Jan10.45am - 12.00am  Op Art Prints7 to 9 yrs  
Mon 21st jan10.45 - 1.45pmDOUBLE ART - enjoy 2 x activities - Lace Dream Webs/ Dashing Dashchunds10-12yrs
Mon 21st Jan 12.30-1.45pm Dashing Dashchunds 10-12yrs
Mon 21st Jan12.30-1.45pm Landscape Tiles7-9 yrs 
Tue 22nd Jan9.00-10.15am Abstract Banner5-6yrs
Tue 22nd Jan9.00-10.15am Clay TilesAll Ages ( 5yrs +)
Tue 22nd Jan9.00-10.15amScreenprint Designs (BYO T-shirt)10-12yrs
Tue 22nd Jan 9.00-1.45pm ART DAY - SCreenprint Designs/ Sharpie Mandalas/ Watercolour Collage 10-12yrs
Tue 22nd Jan 10.45 - 12.00 Matchbox Art 7-9yrs
Tue 22nd Jan 10.45 - 12.00 Sharpie Mandalas 10-12yrs
 Tue 22nd Jan 10.45 - 12.00 Nature Mobiles 5-6yrs
Tue 22nd Jan 10.45 - 1.45pm DOUBLE ART - Matchbox art/ Posca Posters 7-9yrs
  Tue 22nd Jan 12.30-1.45pmWatercolour Collages 10-12yrs
  Tue 22nd Jan 12.30-1.45pmPosca Posters 7-9yrs
Wed 23rd Jan9.00-10.15Funky Fruit PrintsALL AGES (5yrs +)
Wed 23rd Jan 9.00-10.15Wonderful Weavings5-6yrs
Wed 23rd Jan 9.00-10.15am Clay Ice-creams 7-9yrs
Wed 23rd Jan 9.00-1.45pm Clay Lovers ART DAY - Clay Iceblocks/ Funky Bowls/ Printing with Clay7-9yrs 
Wed 23rd Jan 10.45 - 12.00Mad MOnsters 5-6yrs
Wed 23rd Jan10.45 - 12.00Felt Moths10-12 yrs  
Wed 23rd Jan 10.45 - 12.00 Funky Bowls 7-9yrs
Wed 23rd Jan 10.45 - 1.45pm DOUBLE ART - Felt Moths + Shrinky Dink Art. 10-12yrs
Wed 23rd Jan 12.30-1.45pmPrinting with Clay 7-9yrs
Wed 23rd Jan 12.30-1.45pm Shrinky Dink Art 10-12yrs
Thu 24th Jan9.00-10.15amPAinted Kites5-6yrs
Thu 24th Jan**9.00-10.00amSculpting Bits and pieces3-4 yrs   
Thu 24th Jan 9.00-10.15am Hispanic Molas 10-12yrs
Thu 24th Jan 9.00-1.45pmART DAY - Hispanic Molas/ Modigliani Portraits/ LAyered Geometric Prints10-12yrs 
Thu 24th Jan10.45-12.00 MOdigliani Portraits 10-12yrs
 Thu 24th Jan 10.45-12.00Screenprint Tshirts (BYO T-shirt) 7-9yrs
Thu 24th Jan 10.45 - 12.00 Stamping Fun 5-6yrs
Thu 24th Jan 10.45 - 1.45pmDOUBLE ART - Screenprint Tshirts/ Arty Aussie Animals  7-9yrs
Thu 24th Jan12.30-1.45Layered Geometric Prints10-12 yrs   
Thu 24th Jan 12.30-1.45 Arty Aussie Animals 7-9yrs
Fri 25th JAn9.00-10.15amPrint Block Fun5-6yr
Fri 25th JAn10.45-12.00Big Collographs7-9yrsyrs
Fri 25th JAn 9.00-12.00 DOUBLE ART - Big Collographs/ Clay City Tiles7-9yrs
 Fri 25th JAn 10.45 - 12.00 Clay City Tiles 7-9yrs
 Fri 25th JAn 10.45 - 12.00 Clay Bears 5-6yrs
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