The RAW Art Workshop Timetable

September Holiday Program

Monday 18th September to Friday 29th SEpt

The RAW Art Workshop will be hosting a series of awesome fun hands-on workshops for kids over the break. Check out our extensive program below. 

Sessions will run for 90 minutes, cost is only $17 for children aged 5 to 12 years All materials provided (please note Tie-dye and Screen-printing sessions children will need to bring a light coloured t-shirt or pillowcase (100% cotton for tie-dye).

Art Days are priced at $55 for 3 x different workshops + a yummy lunch provided.

Each lesson children will complete a project, gain some skills, and will have some fun. 

Look forward to meeting you at The RAW Art Workshop – Cnr Skinner and Montague Roads West End.  


September Holidays - Week 1

 Mon 18th Sept 9.30-11.00am Clay Rockets 5-6yrs
Mon 18th Sept9.30-11.00amGem Wallhanging7-9yrs
MOn 18th SEpt11.30-1.00pmCactus Designs7-9yrs
Mon 18 Sept11.30 - 1.00pmLittle Town Sculpture10-12yrs
Mon 18 Sept1.30 - 3.00pmChemograms10-12 yrs
Mon 18th Sept1.30-3.00pmClay Turtle Sculptures7-9yrs
Mon 18 Sept3.30 - 5.00pmScreenprinting T-Shirts10-12yrs
Mon 18th SEpt9.30-3.00ART DAY - 3 x activities - Gem Wallhanging/ Cactus Designs/ Clay Turtle Sculptures7-9yrs
MOn 18th Sept 11.30-3.00DOUBLE ART - 2 x activities - Little Town Sculptures + Exploring Chemograms10-12yrs
Tue 19th Sept9.30 - 11.00amAll Ages Tie-Dyeall ages
Tue 19th Sept11.30 - 1.00pmLove Bugs5-6yrs
Tues 19th Sept11.30-1.00pmTree Designs10-12yrs
Tue 19th Sept1.30 - 3.00pmCrazy Cat Sculptures
7-9 yrs
Tues 19th Sept 1.30-3.00 3D Paper Wreaths 10-12yrs
Tue 19th Sept3.30 to 5.00pmClay Food Sculptures10-12yrs
Tue 19th Sept11.30-5.00ART DAY - 3 x activities - Tree Designs/ 3D Paper Wreaths/ Clay Food Sculptures10-12yrs
Wed 20 Sept9.30 - 11.00am3D Clay SculptureAll Ages
Wed 20 Sept11.30 - 1.00pm Little Houses5-6 yrs
Wed 20thSept11.30-1.00Cupcakes and Icecreams7-9yrs
Wed 20 Sept1.30 - 3.00pm Polymer Clay Magnets10-12 yrs 
Wed 20th  Sept1.30-3.002D Totem Designs7-9yrs
Wed 20th Sept3.30 to 5.00pmClay Cats and Dogs7-9 yrs
Wed 20 Sept11.30-5.00pm

ART DAY - 7-9yrs

3 x activities - Cupcakes and Icecreams/ 2D Totem Designs/ Clay Cats and Dogs.

Thu 21st Sept
9.30 - 11.00am Clay Butterfly Sculptures5-6yrs
Thurs 21st Sept9.30-11.00amCartooning10-12yrs
Thu 21st Sept11.30 - 1.00pmUpcycle Wallhanging7 to 9 yrs 
Thu 21st SEpt11.30-1.00Fruit Vege Printing10-12yrs
Thu 21st Sept1.30-3.00Self Portrait Clay Tiles7-9yrs
Thu 21st Sept1.30 - 3.00pm Clay Foxes10-12yrs
Thu 21st Sept3.30 to 5.00pmScreenprint Tshirts7-9yrs
Thu 21st Sept11.30-3.00DOUBLE ART - 2 x activities - Upcycle Wallhanging/ Self Portrait Clay Tile7-9yrs
Th 22 Sept9.30-3.00

ART DAY - 10-12yrs

3 x activities - Cartooning/ Fruit and Vege Printing/ Clay Foxes

Fri 22 Sept9.30 - 11.00am Large Charcoal Portraits5 to 6 yrs 
Fri 22 Sept11.30-1.00Cartooning7-9yrs
Fri 22 Sept11.30 - 1.00pm Little Clay Turtles5-6 yrs 
Fri 22 Sept1.30 - 3.00pm Clay MAd Heads7-9 yrs
Fri 22nd Sept11.30-3.00DOUBLE ART - 2 x activities - Cartooning + Clay MAd Heads7-9yrs

September Holidays - Week 2   

Mon 25 Sept9.30 - 11.00am Castle Prints 5-6yrs
Mon 25 Sept9.30-11.00amBudgie Art10-12 yrs
Mon 25 Sept11.30-1.00  Funny Clay Faces 5-6yrs
 Mon 25 Sept 11.30-1.00pm Graffiti Alphabets 10-12yrs
Mon 25 Sept1.30 - 3.00pm Mix Media Birds7-9 yrs
Mon 25 Sept1.30-3.00pm  Still Life Clay Tile 10-12yrs
Mon 25 Sept3.30 - 5.00pmClay Fox Sculpture7-9 yrs
Mon 25 Sept 9.30-3.00 ART DAY - 3 x activities - Budgie Art/ Graffiti Alphabets/ Still Life Clay Tiles10-12yrs 
 Mon 25 Sept 1.30-5.00DOUBLE ART - 2 x activities - Mix Media Birds + Clay Fox Sculpture 7-9yrs
Tue 26 Sept9.30 - 11.00am All Ages - 3D Clay SculptureAll Ages
Tue 26 Sept11.30 - 1.00pmKings and Queens5 to 6 yrs
Tue 26 Sept11.30-1.00Temple Art7-9yrs
Tue 26 Sept1.30-3.00Upcycle Wall HAnging5-6yrs
Tue 26 Sept1.30 - 3.00pmFruit Bowl Prints7-9yrs
Tue 26 Sept3.30-5.00Unicorns or Horses 7-9yrs
Tue 26 Sept11.30 - 5.00

ART DAY - 7-9yrs

3 x activities - Temple Art/ Fruit Bowl Printing/ Clay Unicorns or Horses.

Wed 27 Sept9.30 - 11.00amTie DyeAll Ages
Wed 27 Sept11.30 - 1.00pmPrint a Animal Tote Bag7-9yrs
Wed 27 Sept11.30 - 1.00pmKeith Haring Designs10 to 12 yrs
Wed 27 Sept1.30-3.00pmKings and Queens7-9 yrs
Wed 27 Sept1.30 - 3.00pmBanksia Designs10-12yrs
Wed 27Sept3.30 - 5.00pmCactus Clay Sculpture10-12yrs
Wed 27 Sept11.30-5.00pmART DAY - 3 x activities - Keith Haring Designs/ Banksia Designs/ Cactus Sculpture10-12yrs
Wed 27th Sept11.30-3.00DOUBLE ART - 2 x activities - Print Animal Tote Bag/ Kings and Queens7-9yrs
Thu 28 Sept9.30 - 11.00amMix Media Mobiles5-6yrs
 Thu 28 Sept 9.30 - 11.00am Mix Media Butterflies 7-9yrs
Thu 28 Sept11.30 - 1.00pmFruit Bowl Prints5-6yrs
Thu 28 Sept11.30 - 1.00pmWatercolour Tribal Faces7-9yrs
Thu 28 Sept1.30-3.00Rubber Stamps10-12yrs
Thu 29 Sept1.30 - 3.00pmClay Cactus Sculpture7-9yrs
Thu 28 Sept3.30 - 5.00pmDecorative Slogans10-12yrs
Thu 28 Sept9.30-3.00pmWORKSHOP ART DAY - 3 x activities - Mix Media Butterflies/ Watercolour Tribal FAces/ Clay Catcti7 to 9 yrs
THurs 28th Sept1.30-5.00pmDOUBLE ART - 2 x activities - Rubber Stamps/ Decorative Slogans10-12yrs
Fri 29 Sept9.30 - 11.00amGraffiti Letter10-12yrs
Fri 29 Sept11.30 - 1.00pmClay Cone Heads10-12 yrs
Fri 29 Sept1.30 - 3.00pmSkate Decks10-12yrs
Fri 29 Sept 9.30-1.00pm DOUBLE ART - 2 x activities - Graffiti Letter + Clay Cone Heads 10-12yrs