Knitting and Beer Crafternoon with Grey Hand Press - Saturday 24th August - 3-5pm

Price: $ 80.00 Inc GST



Knitting and Beer Crafternoon with Grey Hand Press

When: Saturday 24th August

Time: 3-5pm

cost: $80

Knitting is one of the most versatile, practical and fun textile crafts to learn. Not only is it super easy to learn and build your skills, but its also a great social activity. The basic skills can be applied to all kinds of projects, from simple scarves, to intricate sweaters.

 This workshop is perfect for newbies who have never picked up a pair of needles before, as well as those who learnt the craft once upon a time but are a little bit rusty. If you’re looking for a casual, relaxed environment to learn a new skill over a beer or two, this is the class for you!

 You’ll learn the basic stitches, as well as how to cast on and off, so you can take it all home with everything you need to finish your first project!

 As part of the workshop, you’ll receive a pair of needles, yarn, a project bag and some handouts ( + a couple free beers!).